Crate XT120R Problem

first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2011!

Anyways, a few years ago i bought an amp, the crate XT120R because it was cheap and i had no job, i do not remember how much i paid but after owning it for years i can see that it was the worst amp ever created.Crate xt120r

When i first bought the amp i was under the impression that it had the “flexwave” technology that simulates tubes but¬†apparently¬†it didn’t. The amp sucks big time by itself pretty much.

What i have been doing to compensate for the really bad ugly sound this amp has is using effect modelers/processors. I have been using Digitech for a lot of years, i started with the rp-100, then moved to the rp-200 and currently using the rp-2000. The sound of the latter could be better but does the job for this horrendous amp.

The idea is simple the effects processor is being used as a preamp to boost the tone and sound quality of the solid state using the insert, send/return connections. This works but it’s better if you have an actual tube amp or a good solid state amp.RP2000

Lately i’ve been considering using individual stomp boxes instead of an effects processor and been pondering how to compensate for tone. The possible solution i came up with is to buy a preamp that uses a tube (mainly used for vocal work), already stared gearing up with some effects pedals and hopefully it works. I will make another post to see if the preamp idea works.

I want to give a piece of advice to everyone, although kind of too late. Whenever you see the Crate XT120R for sale on, pawn shop or any other place please do yourself a favor and don’t buy it. The money you will have to invest to get it to sound good plus the cost of the amp is already enough to get a tube amp or a solid state like a Peavey brand that will perform better. Later i will make another post to see how the preamp idea works on tone and volume for solid state amps.

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  1. Rene
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 7:28 pm | Permalink

    Ok so after using this amp for a few years and a few experiments on how to get the best sound out of it I figured it out. First of all, after seeing some youtube videos I think that my amp is not working correctly because the sound suck and the sound of the ones in youtube don’t but here is what you do.

    I did buy a preamp (Behringer Tube Ultragain MIC100 ) and it work just fine by putting it first in the chain of effects and i’m guessing that if your amp sucks this will be a cheap and effective fix to get tone out of your amp. The beauty of a preamp is that it will make your amp sound louder.

    I’ve only tried a behringer preamp that really worked, just use the clean channel and use pedal effects for your sounds, I used the overdrive channel as cleanish as possible and used it as a boost for solos to project over the band.

    I tried the Digitech rp-100, rp-250, and rp-2000 upgrading during the years and they all worked like a charm(no need of a preamp with an effects processor).

    In conclusion this is a cheap alternative to getting some tone out of your cheap amp effectively and the experiment was a success.

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